Gurupratap Matharu

About me
Gurupratap has a keen interest in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence and comes with over 9 years of professional experience. He dominates the python programming language and has a great understanding of using data to solve business problems. Being well versed in mathematics and holding a postgraduate degree, he currently aims to put all his learnings and experience on solving real world problems for a great company. His work experience includes developing recommender systems, building forecasting models, working with big data, orchestrating AI pipelines with airflow, containerising apps using docker, training chatbots and teaching data science In the past he built applications for universities, recommender systems for startups, forecasting models, integrating CI/CD in existing applications and spam email classifiers using Naive Bayes theorem.
Tech stack
Data ScientistOveractive Inc
Data Scientist
Overactive Inc
06/2019 - Currently

Forecasting / Regression: Prototype, built and deployed XGBoost regression to predict the estimated time of arrival of a shipment for a logistics company. Airflow: Orchestration of AI pipelines using apache airflow on google cloud composer to preprocess, train and evaluate ML models. Classification: Designed and working upon an image classification model to automate the process of evaluation of shipments and avoiding human interference. Tools used: Google Cloud, Apache airflow, Google Data Studio, Google Bigquery, Docker, Google App Engine, Netezza, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Keras, Jira, Confluence, Github


GitDockerScikit-learnGoogle BigQueryDocker ComposeKerasTensorFlowGoogle App Engine
Data ScientistCelerative Inc
Data Scientist
Celerative Inc
04/2019 - Currently

Recommender System: Prototyped, built and deployed a recommender system, using matrix factorization techniques, item based collaborative filtering and A/B testing, for a US client which helps their mobile users receive real time recommendations based on their past behaviour. Developed models using LightFM, implicit feedback, user-user collaborative filtering, Singular Value Decomposition Orchestration with apache airflow to automate the whole ai pipeline google cloud and big query for data analysis docker for containerisation of the model Tools used: Google Cloud, App Engine, Apache Airflow, google pub/sub, Asana, bitbucket, Google Bigquery, Cloud sql, Docker, RestAPI, Amplitude, Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-learn, Surprise, lightfm, Linux


PythonFlaskGitDockerGoogle CloudPub/SubREST APIsPandasRecommendation SystemsBigQuery
Data ScientistAcamica
Data Scientist
04/2019 - Currently

Teaching Data Science and machine learning to a full time batch of 35 students at Acamica institute of BsAs where students develop ML projects like 1. Image classifiers 2. Recommender system using Matrix Factorization and collaborative filtering 3. Natural Language processing 4. Using Watson API 5. Deploying trained models to the cloud


PythonETLLinear RegressionAzure Machine LearningNatural Language Processing (NLP)Data EngineeringText ClassificationRecommendation SystemsDeep LearningMachine Learning
Back End DeveloperQ10 Marketing
Back End Developer
Q10 Marketing
01/2018 - 05/2019

Dashbo - A full stack application that helps marketing agencies to better manage the ad spending for their clients. Backend in Django + Postgres Frontend in ReactJS Cloud: AWS CI/CD with Gitlab Containerisations with Docker Task and queue processing with Celery and RabbitMQ Django, React.js, Postgres, Celery, AWS, CI/CD, Agile, Jira, Gitlab.


ReactPythonDjangoAmazon Web Services (AWS)CeleryContinuous Delivery (CD)REST APIsRabbitMQBootstrapPostgreSQL
Back End DeveloperSelf Employed
Back End Developer
Self Employed
02/2016 - 02/2018

Edu Analytics - A full stack application that allows teachers to manage their students, make schedules, allot marks and send emails. Backend in Django + Postgres Frontend in ReactJS Cloud: AWS CI/CD with Gitlab Containerisations with Docker Task and queue processing with Celery and RabbitMQ Django, React.js, Postgres, Celery, AWS, CI/CD, Agile, Jira, Gitlab.


MySQLPythonDjangoGoogle CloudNumPyAWS Auto-scalingREST APIsPandasPostgreSQL
Back End DeveloperInfosys Technologies
Back End Developer
Infosys Technologies
07/2006 - 08/2008

Maintained and improved Production support for a world class bank American Express (AMEX) while handling a team of 6 people. Provided production support from offshore Wrote bash scripts to automate tasks Support was conducted using an SMS ticketing system the three categories of severities The turn around time was Severity 1: 10 mins Severity 2: 4 Hours Severity 3: 24 Hours Developed and ran maintenance scripts on our servers since the system up time was 99.99% without compromise.


AgileData StructuresAlgorithmsDatabase PerformanceASP.NET CoreBash
03/2018 - Currently
Bachelors in Astronomy and Geophysics
University of La Plata, Argentina
07/2008 - 07/2010
Masters in Business Administration
Welingkar Institute of Management
06/2002 - 06/2006
Bachelor of Engineering
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology