Laureano De Andrea
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About me
Currently working as a Senior iOS Developer for over 7 years handling both ObjC & Swift. With a total career experience on Software development of 11+ years professionally, I’ve been through many technologies and projects with multidisciplinary teams, mostly under Agile methodologies.
Tech stack
Senior iOS DeveloperOveractive Full-time
Senior iOS Developer
Overactive Full-time
10/2018 - Currently

In charge of the complete iOS development of a local banking App from scratch on ​Swift 4 + CocoaPods​, working side to side with the bank development team under ​Scrum ​using ​Jira for internal bug tracking and ​Azure DevOps​ for source control, CD & CI. The project also involves strict security measures inside the app and ​InVision​ for scaffolding. I'm part of the ​Mobile Services Hub inside the company that conveys tech, tools, and architecture talks.


Senior iOS DeveloperAltimetrik Full-time
Senior iOS Developer
Altimetrik Full-time
03/2012 - 10/2018

Worked firstly as a Web/​Salesforce​ developer in a few projects and started my journey with iOS development when there was a need for iOS Apps that interacted with Salesforce through ​REST API’s​, at the beginning was ObjC ​just after the iOS 5.0 release. I was a part of the development of a Framework called ADF that was ​a development environment and widget library supporting the development of multi-platform applications involving Angular, NodeJs, and ObjC / Java.​ At around mid-2016 and many projects later the iOS team decided to move into Swift 2.3(and later) for new projects but still maintaining old ObjC Apps and in most cases making use of ​CocoaPods​. All of the projects were for US clients that required Scrum methodology and in a couple of them, I was invited to go to San Francisco to work directly with the clients.


IT AnalystTata Consultancy Services Full-time
IT Analyst
Tata Consultancy Services Full-time
03/2011 - 03/2012

C#​ Web Development for a major US HealthCare company, project management was done with ​TFS​ under Scrum methodology, the development also involved ​SQL 2008​ and Micro Services Architecture with ​WCF.​ ​CMMI 5 Company​ - During my journey in TCS I’ve been through lots of self-learning studies for accomplishing the latest standards, these were mandatory for all associates on TCS like information security, work safety, environmental care, Quality Assurance, Risk management, Critical thinking, etc.


Semi Senior DeveloperGiuffra & Asociados Full-time
Semi Senior Developer
Giuffra & Asociados Full-time
08/2010 - 03/2011

Web Development for a banking credit solution with C#, Infragistics for UI, and Web Services. I also was involved in an internal Web App for managing Elastix server under PHP and Javascript.


Junior DeveloperinMind IT Solutions Full-time
Junior Developer
inMind IT Solutions Full-time
11/2008 - 06/2010

​I started working as a full-stack dev on ASP 1.1, VB.Net, MySQL solution for a Real Estate client. Later I was mainly involved in a Software Audit Tool Suite for Enterprises, composed of a couple of Desktop Apps on VB6 + Access DB and a Portal with multiple modules done in VB.Net - ASP 2.0 and SQL 2008. I also worked on a PHP solution for a Postgraduate submission portal for a local University


04/2004 - 06/2007
Analyst Programmer
Universidad ORT Uruguay